A Moment Of Silence For Your Tight Yoga Pants

By October 25, 2018 No Comments

The most annoying thing to do after a shower and after I applied the organic body cream on my thighs and hips?

Putting on the friggin’ tight black yoga pants. I mean, yeah, they make my booty look cool

but I prefer doing yoga on the bed with my pinky Intimissimi cotton panties on, braless, no make up, hair in a messy up-do pony tail, with some White Sun II album playing at the background and some candles lit.

That’s number 1 reason why I created online yoga course. Don’t worry I don’t demonstrate half naked in it. Actually you can see below I am pretty well behaved in this yoga pants.

And you can try out for free this sample practice from my course by pressing play and follow along here (we will do togeter this pose plus a breathing technique demonstrated above):



This practice will:

  • calm down your nervous system
  • improve your digestion (digestion only works best when you’re relaxed)
  • restore your spine and relax your legs

If you hate to worry that the person behind you in a group class can see your thongs through your yoga pants, join my course now. It goes away at the end of this year.

Much love, Sandra

PS: What’s your favourite thing to wear at home when no one is watching? Let me know in the reply area below.