Get a healthy pelvic floor, high libido, happy breasts and a life filled with pleasure – in one month.

What's this school about?

Think of it as a women’s health program – yogic way.
This course offers sensual practices that work as a home spa ritual and is best seen as an alternative health-care routine focusing on all things
intimate & female.
The best part of this course: it re-connects you to your pleasure that is your birthright and makes self-care guilt-free.

What's in it for you?

  • Full freedom to learn about the topics you’re shy, ashamed, worried  about,
  • Safe space for you to explore and cherish the most intimate parts of yourself – without judgement,
  • A pleasure-celebrating practice that will keep your body in a goddess shape and your mind like a crystal,
  • Life-nourishing routines that build emotional security yet offer erotic freedom
  • 4x uniquely designed yoga programs healing modern women’s issues, alternative way
  • 2x bonus yoga programs focusing on healing pms + period pain, yoga way
  • 30x full HD guiding videos
  • 30x downloadable audios
  • personal support from the program creator via email


I love Sandra. Her energy. Her knowledge. The way she makes me feel, when she teaches me new poses and techniques. When I like to feel more sensual, more at peace and more whole I call her for guidance. She has the voice to bring me there. I never feel judged, pushed or pressured. Since practicing with her, I found the pa-tience to allow my body to progress at the rate it wants and I can always just be me.

Nina Dornikmarketing manager

I have never been a yoga, deep breathing type of person, always going for the cardio type workout, but within 5 days of being with Sandra not only my breath, but my body was being slowly transformed by the easy, fun and incredibly effective exercises she gave. Sandra is inspirational, she easily passes on her wisdom and makes it rele-vant to you. She makes you the best that you can be and more importantly want to be. I cannot recommend her and her wisdom more highly.

Elizabeth Peyton JonesCEO at EPJ Health