Meditation For Healthy Breasts

By January 17, 2020 No Comments

I was at the gynecologist waiting area and above her door was a TV playing a video of how to do a self-check up of the breasts.

Good – if you look from the preventative care…

But then I started thinking:

What if most women touch their breasts in a way that is filled with fear and worry?

What if most of them are touching their breasts and thinking “Oh shit what if I find a nod now inside? Oh gosh, what is this bump here? And this lump here?”

Isn’t that really stressful for the body and mind?

And don’t you think the body responds by tensing itself?

Please do self-check ups… but I’m also inviting you that along with the self-check ups, you also do something loving for the breasts.

Something where you don’t fear of finding something weird inside them.

Here’s one way how you can send love into your breasts.

Try this meditation for healthy breasts. You can find this meditation and many more content about healthy breasts inside the big online yoga school of women’s health.

Give it a try and let me know how this 3 minute super simple audio guided relaxation makes you feel.

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