“Leave Your Makeup On” – Said No Normal Guy, Ever

By July 5, 2018 No Comments

Every summer, I get dark spots on my face even though I use the best facial sunscreen.

The problem is – it’s always summer for me. But then again, this isn’t a problem.

So today, just before I wanted to buy a new set of make-up to cover up these spots and another bunch of PA+++, SPF, UVA creams…

I decided to brighten my aura instead of my dark spots.

I realised people notice a radiant body (especially men are amazing radiance readers) way before the make-up I’ve been putting on for 45mins.

So, If you’re in for a brightening procedure that won’t delete your hyperpigmentation but will make you more charming, try this.

Short practice for strong and bright aura – listen to guided practice here:

It looks something like this but listen to the guided practice above for clearer explanation:

P.S.: There’s s a simple way to radiance and I made a whole online course about it. Get it HERE. 

P.S. 2: Oh and if you’re with a guy who doesn’t accept your dark spots or pimples or any other thing on your face, well I don’t know … bye boy?