What Does Yoga Have To Do With Sexuality?

In my opinion, EVERYTHING.

Now many gurus would already kick me out of their ashrams, but before one would dismiss me I would whisper to him

in the sexiest voice ever: “A guru is born from her”, and wink to him.

“But hey, you’re a yoga teacher you should have a guru!”

I actually do, but she’s a woman and she gets it.

“But hey, yoga is about detaching from senses so you can reach enlightenment!”

So not agree. You can reach the highest enlightenment through orgasmic states but about that another time.

Now we can go on and on with sentences like above, but that would be a waste.

It’s time for you as a woman to wake up and take full ownership of your body, emotions, fluctuations, transitions.

Enough with

disconnecting from your body,

holding on to past traumas,

playing small,


Yoga is about UNION, so why taking out the most important body parts that got us here with the union?

My heart breaks to pieces when I hear women having “duty-sex” with their husbands and they hate it.

Here’s a gentle way for you to start re-connecting with yourself — Try out this free yoga course.

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