What’s Intimi Yoga?

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After years and years of practice plus hardcore education, I finally gave myself permission and alchemised my

love for yoga, tantra and tao into something you could call a brand, though I see it more as the future of wellness

and a new lifestyle.

Please meet my love: intimi yoga.

The shortest way to describe what intimi yoga is: “Think of it as a women’s health program — yogic way”.

This sensual practice works as a home spa ritual and is best seen as an alternative health-care routine focusing on all things intimate & female.

The best part: it re-connects you to your pleasure that is your birthright and makes self-care guilt-free.

It offers full freedom to learn about the topics you’re shy, ashamed, worried or terrified to ask about.

It gives you a safe space to explore and cherish the most intimate parts of yourself — without judgement

and it will keep your body in a goddess shape.

Not to forget: it builds emotional security, yet offers you full erotic freedom.


Intimi yoga has its own platform where you can receive professionally guided yoga programs that focus on women’s health.


Hope to see you there.

Much love, Sandra

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