Yoga That Focuses On Sensuality? Here Are 21 Benefits.

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Here are 21 benefits you may experience by including 3 sessions of yoga that focuses on sensuality and sexuality into your week.

You will:

  1. stop feeling trapped inside your body,
  2. change the way you look at sexuality,
  3. never fake your way through intercourse,
  4. find it easier to “drop into your body” and feel sensations in each area of your body,
  5. learn how to be vulnerable and you’ll stop looking at vulnerability as a weakness,
  6. experience libido as a life force,
  7. build a strong and loving relationship with your body (each f*ckng inch of it),
  8. start trusting yourself more,
  9. become way more confident,
  10. feel more relaxed talking to people (even to the ones you meet for the first time),
  11. know exactly when you’re hitting a wall of resistance and you’ll be able to go through it more smoothly,
  12. be done with fine (you’ll want juicy, happy, fun, ecstatic),
  13. see clearly what doesn’t serve you anymore and be able to release it easier,
  14. become hungry for real love and real connection.
  15. reclaim your pleasure,
  16. feel sensually confident,
  17. build a loving relationship with your womb and breasts,
  18. appreciate both polarities of you — the masculine and the feminine,
  19. learn how to start surrendering more (and still feeling safe),
  20. release old conditioning,
  21. have more fun.

Ready to reap these 21 advantages? Start here.

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