Discomfort In The Hips? Do This Soothing Exercise.

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Hips do not lie. Any tension or discomfort around your groin area might be a sign of emotional overload or a gentle reminder of an unbalanced hips.

This simple posture brings attention to your hips and pelvis. In yoga we see this place as a hide away for our unexpressed emotions and also a place where a lot of our radiance resides.

This is how you can approach it:

  • Kneel down on the bed with knees wide.
  • Take two big pillows and place them between your knees.
  • Lower your body down on the pillows and turn your head on one side.
  • Inhale deeply and on the exhale soften the area around your groin.
  • Consciously direct your breath into your lower belly, lower back and hips.
  • Exit this ritual by slowly pressing your hands on the bed, removing pillows and slowly lying down on your back, observing sensations in your hips.

If you would like to reach a therapeutic effect where your body will start working also on releasing blocks in connective tissue then stay in the pose for 10 minutes.

If you wish a quick soothing effect on your whole nervous system 3 minutes will be enough. Do not forget to turn your head on the other side  anytime in between.

Let me know how you feel afterwards.

Much love,


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