This Yoga Is The Best Home Practice. Check Out Why.

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Intimi yoga is all about comfort, beauty, relaxation, opening up, surrendering so tell me:

Where do you

• feel most relaxed?

• have most control over the way the environment looks like?

• wear whatever you want?

• command the time?

• command the sound?

Usually, at a place, you call your home, right?

Here are 5 reasons why intimi yoga works perfectly as a home routine:



1 No bra, please.

Intimi yoga secret rule number 1: “no bra policy”.

Goes well with a naked body or a body adorned into anything sensual. In other words: wear whatever you want, just nothing that would limit you. Here’s your permission to burn your yoga pants and bras with bones that cut into your ribs.


2 If you tire me, you will lose me.

Intimi yoga secret rule number 2: less is more.

Forget about high impact, heavy lifting, sweating until you die. You’re a woman and your body is designed for a different body movement than a man’s body.

It’s important to drop some sweat here and there but you’ll get the most out of your practice when you know how to balance it.

Intimi yoga is designed to create the right pressure yet offers enough rest to not harm the hormonal or nervous system.


3 Soft baby, soft

Forget about a yoga mat. Intimi yoga is designed for fluffy blankets, big beds and cosy pillows. No need to buy any rubber stuff, no need for yoga blocks or other props, everything you need is already at your home.


4 Nicki Minaj and yoga?

Intimi yoga secret rule number 4: your ears have free will

Be the DJ. Create silence or blast the most spiritual music you wish (I love White Sun albums I, II and III) or play Bey, Rihanna or The Weeknd. It’s your home so don’t hold back with your taste for sound currents.


5 It’s a spa thing

Intimi yoga secret rule number 5: think of a luxurious spa setting.

Create your oasis. Add some essential oils, put on some candles (or a disco ball if you wish), read some poetry in between, swallow some mango if you want. This is your hedonistic space and intimi yoga goes well with anything spa-ish.


There you go. Light some candles, get cosy on your bed and follow through this life-changing intimi yoga course.

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