This is actually a story about building self-worth and confidence and is much longer than the following list, but to entertain the title, here’s what I did:

  • transformed my bathroom into a mini spa centre (and threw out all my make up plus did cold morning showers every day),
  • re-decorated my bedroom into a temple (and put out everything that smells like word “office),
  • created a shelf on which I’ve put things that make me feel like Bey and Nicki in Flawless video,
  • integrated tao kidney breathing into my morning,
  • shaken my body more times than there are articles on Covid-19,
  • did yoga daily,
  • wrote erotic poetry,
  • massaged my hands,
  • did so many baths you could fill an Olympic swimming pool with all the frangipani-smelling bubbles.

All that inspired me to start laughing at myself more often and take any article that uses word BEAUTY with a pinch of salt.

If you wanna read a book about daily radiance: BUY IT HERE.

Confidence and self-worth will be a by-product of doing all the secret rituals described in it.

ps: you get this book for free if you join Sensuality 101 course or 28-days to a higher libido & zero stress course.

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