How do you feel love?

When someone mentions this over-used word, what do you feel inside?

What pictures, memories, imprints, dreams, visions show up for you?

Do you glue “feeling love” to a specific person, an exotic place, future goal?

What about if love is always here, inside you, just waiting to burst and laugh in every cell of your body?

What if love is independent and doesn’t care about what you stick its beautiful name to?

Next time when you wanna angrily nag, b*tch, demand, cry for, complain …

Take a deep breath in, pick up a blanket, go somewhere no one can bother you and listen to this 12 minute meditation:

I hope love explodes in every corner of you.

I hope love laughs in every cell of you.

I hope love pulls you closer and whispers into your ear:

“I’m here. Don’t search for me outside as I am within, right here – inside you.”

Much love,


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