Everytime I go into a pharmacy I say to myself: “I wish I could have a yoga pharmacy and bottle up all the yoga exercises in the same way they do”. 

So I let my imagionation play today and here’s your purposeful practice prescription.

On the invisible bottle I wrote: Libido Accellerator 

and inside I’ve put a paper (that is also invisible) with this instructions: 

  1. What’s The Yoga Pharmacy – Libido Accelerator 

It’s a practice prescription for home use. You don’t eat the blue pill, but you follow through the program. 

It’s used to help you strengthen your sexual force that can get weak due to:

  • low testosterone levels
  • prescription medicines 
  • too little or too much exercise
  • alcohol use
  • depression
  • stress
  • fatigue 
  • relationship issues

2. Recommended dosage

3 x per week, for 4 weeks minimum.

Recommended when: 

  • stress, jobs, kids, and sleep deprivation took the romance out of your bedroom
  • you’re disconnected from your body, especially from your vagina and breasts 
  • wish to get back that magical something you didn’t mean to lose, but somehow can’t quite seem to rediscover by yourself
  • having issues in your sex life.

3. What’s inside 

The main healing components are yoga poses, breathing techniques, hand gesture technology . 

Other workout substances include: taoistic and tantric practices.

Joke aside, here’s the practice in the video form. I hope it re-awakes all the goodness inside you and you walk into spring fully awaken. 

Simple practice to re-awake the pelvic area.

P.S.: this video is directly from THIS COURSE, so if you like it – there are plenty more invisible bottles of cures stored inside. Go buy it now. 

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