Interview: Things I Don’t Tell In My CV

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A few weeks ago a famous Turkish website that focuses on luxury asked me cool questions.

I usually don’t put those answers  inside my CV, so I’m sharing them with you here.

If you speak Turkish – read it HERE.

If you have no idea about Turkish language, read below:

Can you tell us about yourself?

I’m a woman that loves to surf, read books and dance to Maluma for hours. I graduated at Faculty of Sport in Slovenia with the highest scores and was a massage therapist and a yoga teacher for our olympic swimming team, taught dance and yoga classes at the academy of our fourth time world-champion in standard and latin-american dance.

I also created and ran my own sauna yoga program for two years in our biggest wellness and water park and collaborated with Slovenian superstar of anti-aging medicine and facial workouts. In between I spent all my savings for trainings connected to yoga, taoism and women’s health and surf trips to Morocco, France and Spain.

Then I felt my country is too small for my big visions. So for the past four years I’ve been travelling all around the world as a visiting wellness practitioner for Six Senses Hotels, Resorts and Spas and am running private retreats for high class clientele and online courses on women’s health. And I haven’t even started yet. As a saying goes: the best is yet to come.

How did you get involved with spiritual side of the world and also body?

I have never seen spirit and body as two separated sides. Maybe cause I’ve been into yoga for more than 20 years or maybe cause I like to look at things beyond just the physi- cal.

I mean, if you just move your body with a bit more attention, exchange shallow breathing for deep breathing and tune inside more than you scroll down the social media, this “other side” is available to anyone. You also don’t need to drink green juices and become gluten free to activate the spiritual side of you.

It’s here, but either you’re not using it or you’re too exhausted to feel it. We need to be- come more self-disciplined in our daily practices that connect us to whatever spiritual means to you.

How do you compose your yoga and teaching programs?

I hand write each and every class that I teach, no matter if it’s a complimentary session at a seniors club or a private class with Liv Tyler.

I always note down the yoga class after my morning ritual (coffee, yup I drink coffee, reading some educational material, dry brushing, cold shower, facial exercises, my yoga routine and meditation) and I always compose a class with one person in my mind. It’s easier for me to focus on what one person needs than thinking how am I gonna please a room full of people where each one is expecting something else. So I always determine the purpose of the class and then write from there on.

For teaching programs: that’s a bit longer process, so I usually go by the seaside and spent time alone with my creative forces. Mostly you’ll find me at one of the Croatian islands writing in my notebook while sunbathing and doing yoga on the beach.

Will there be any special retreat for Six Senses Kaplankaya attendees?

Yes. A retreat that I’ve been dreaming about since I was in the midst of Thai jungle and had the worst retreat experience ever. Some self-proclaimed teachers took bunch of my money and taught me nothing but me hating the word femininity or goddess.

Since that day I decided that each woman that comes to me will feel empowered, encouraged, more liberated, more alive, more woke than ever before.

Because you know, when women gather, first there is this weird electricity cause we have forgotten how it is to support each other and lift each other up. But then, when all familial, cultural, historical traumas come up and fall away, women together become the most powerful thing ever.

And a woman who is connected to her own body and is not swimming in her own insecu- rities, wow, it’s life changing and it lifts everyone up, including men and children.

This retreat will tackle all the issues I hear women complaining most of my career and of course I’ve been through them too: exhaustion, low-self esteem, confusion, insecurities. I wanna show them practical tools that they can use in every day life.

Which women should attend your “redesigning women’s health” programs?

The ones that resist it the most. Resistance is a powerful thing and it usually shows us what we wanna work on but we are too afraid to work on.

The thing is, nobody likes to be said in the face: Darling you’re too insecure. You don’t need to buy another thing, you need to buy yourself some me-time. You don’t need an- other pile of make up, you need to learn how to breathe deeper. You don’t need to sweat like a man, but you do need to take a walk and train your PC muscles.

You get me? It’s different. I wanna show women this more soft, gentle, feminine way of self-care. But all women feel so guilty taking time for themselves. I don’t know from where we got this guilt feeling but we gotta get rid of it as soon as possible because an ex- hausted woman will not save the nation or raise happy children. But a well-rested and a well-nourished woman will. At least that’s how I look at this.

Now your turn. Can you tell me one thing about yourself that you would never write inside a CV letter? Tell me in the comments below.