You gotta have your BMW. Not the car, you silly. In my mind BMW stands for:

1. Your BOARD


Your vision board, your goal, your best future you.


I was walking down the hill the other day in my Hoka shoes and tight grey pants while envisioning into perfection what kind of pizza I wanna eat when I come home.

I saw the juicy dried tomato on it, melty cheese, heavenly oregano… I saw it so clear that going into the grocery to get the ingredients happened so fast I didn’t even notice I was breathing hardly through that mask everyone gotta wear now.

Guess what I ate for dinner?

Hint: it was even more delicious than in my envisioned mind.

Like pizza, like killer abs. Like pizza, like confident bikini walk.

Arms up while thinking of how to eat best pizza tonight. It smelled like garlic all around.

2. Your MOOD


My best friend buys new clothes every week. Almost like I eat pizza every week. She says buying new clothes for different activities makes her highly motivated to do it.

In her words: “I’ve gotta test this new t-shirt to see how well it works when I run on Grmada!” (o.p: a hill in my city). Or: “Uuuu, this new Ortovox pants – I bet they gonna be so cool on me when we go to those mountains in Switzerland!”

Clothes are soaked with motivation. What will you wear today to get you in the mood?

I usually do yoga in shorts that I sleep in and def wear no bra. This is just a pretty photo of me to make you scroll down.

3. Your WHY


My why for pizza was: I was hungry and I love cheese.

What is your why for working out at home? I hope its not just this #stayhome thing, it’s gotta be bigger than that. They closed your gym? Ok that’s a why enough. But what about the emotion behind your why?

Let’s say you want to start with yoga cause you heard it works so good with flexibility. And you miss feeling light and stretchy. You wanna do your sports with ease. You wanna be taller. These are all good whys.

Find your why. And your why it’s gonna kick you in the butt.

And if your why is:

I want to:

  • have a tight ass to look hot in bikini
  • be able to do wide-leg splits again cause it makes me feel like a ballerina
  • have an intimate life so spicy even I’m jealous of myself

Get your booty into this 21-day online yoga course now!

And no, its not shallow to have all those superficial things for your why. Real yogis know that your body is a temple – why not owning a moistured, well-stretched and strong one?

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So you’ll never wonder again: “Where did my tight ass, leg splits and moisture go?!”

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