Having A Hard Time “Letting Go”? Do This

By September 6, 2018 No Comments

Are you having a hard time letting go?

Emotions, people, experiences, weird stuff people said to you or times when you were ignored?

I get you.

I’m Taurus, meaning stubborn as shit and will go till the end and even further until  I’m on the other side, celebrating my inability to give up.

In other words, I hate it when people tell me: “Darling, just let go. It’s not meant to be.”

Like seriously?

I do though have few techniques that help me soften.

One is visualising I’m floating on the river and it takes me down, down, down till I’m in the Ocean.

Second one is dancing to all Maluma and J Balvin songs until I’m crying out of pleasure and feeling my feet burning.

Third one is surfing.

And from today on, I have the fourth one.


I was in Turkey and there was no way I was going to miss this mysterious ritual.

I’l skip the technical details as you can google them, but I’ll share with you how it made me feel.





Learned the art of surrendering by allowing another person to rub all the dirt off of me.

I was also massaged with the foam (which was the best visual experience ever), but the best part were the water splashes that came out of a big bucket and hearing the constant flow of water stream as the background music.

There is something so liberating in just lying down while your body goes through scrubbing and splashing on a warm, white marble.

There’s no way you’ll enjoy it if you’re trying to control it.

So I feel every woman should do it. Especially if you’re a queen that’s having a hard time allowing someone else to do anything for you.

There’s something so vulnerable and innocent about this ancient treatment and no wonder it’s popular worldwide.

Have you ever tried it? How was it for you?

Let me know in the comments below.

Much love,


PS: Oh, one more thing. I never promote products, but there’s an organic thing that I never forget to take with me into a sauna world. It’s THIS BEAUTY, confirmed by doctors and designed by two of my great friends and it’s a must if you love yourself. Just saying (plus I ain’t got paid for this, I just really like the product).