Calvin Harris and Disciples wanna know how deep is your love, 

others wonder about the deep pockets of Bill Gates and I just wanna know:

How deep is your breath? 

Did you start paying attention to your breath more, now that you have to walk around blocking two of the most important breathing parts? 

When I am obliged to put a mask on, I feel as though someone is trying to choke me. I instantly shrink my breath, tighten my body and get nervous. 

It’s not a yogis favourite thing to wear, I guess.

I believe it’s not your new black too. 

We’ll not go into the topic of “to wear it or not – that is the question”, I’ll keep that to Shakespeare and his unwritten Breathless Hamlet 

Let’s just shift the attention to a more important question:

How the hell to breathe deeper in the times when the richest, most important life force is being controlled, blocked and threatened? 

By taking your power back and start breathing like your whole life depends on it.

It does.

I know you know. 

I think wearing masks will make everyone become a yogi. 

Yogis know all the dirty little secrets of the breath. 

And it’s time you get dirty with it too. 

Here’s my recommendation: 

start with this simple 5 minute exercise to stretch and elongate yourself, so the breath will flow more smoothly. 

Then proceed with this guided 


that will first make you think 

“Oh shit, I breathe so shallow,”

and then make you think

“Oh man, this is so annoying,” 

And then make you realise

“Oh wow, this is richness baby!” 

To your longevity, proper organ function and realisation that Bill Gates is worth zero if he can’t breathe as cool as you! 

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