Want To Change How You Feel? Change Your Focus

June 1, 2015

Good Girl Gone Surfing – VI. Program

I have a thing for people on the stage. People who speak and perform. I am crazy about people who embody a powerful, self-confident body posture. I adore those, who know how to package information and put it out like a hot chocolate cake. This kind of people can sell me anything. This kind of people I admire.

There is a guy out there.

Millions of people know him.

Some people hate him.

I love him.

He is Tony Robbins and my »all time favorite quote« is by him and it goes like this: » What you focus on is what you will feel.« Now, I could write down three pages about how that sentence changed my life, but for today, let me share with you a yoga routine where what you focus on is extremely important.

Balancing postures in yoga won’t only help you make a switch from a bad mood to a good vibe, they are also very famous to boost self-confidence, make you feel lighter and help you develop stable mind.

Ready to change how you feel?

CLICK  below and watch the video with instructions:


1) It is kinda must watch a video. You will better understand this cocktail of balance postures.

2) Once you’ve watched it, here is the basic guideline: focus on your breath and gaze into one point. Hold positions on each side (on the left leg/on the right leg) for 5 breaths. If it is a “fluid balance pose” –  repeat 5 times each side.

3) Don’t be scared if you “fall off”. Falling is part of life. Coming back to standing, also.




Video & Postproduction: Nina Doodle

Video Assistant: Alja Drame

Photography: Martin Vogrič Dežman

Yoga And Fitness Wear By: Let’s Doodle

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