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Tired After A Long Flight? Do This.

June 29, 2015

Do you know the feeling when excitement after arrival to your holiday destination rubs off and  effects of long flight (combined with effects of coming to a different time zone) start kicking in?

If you count yourself as a proud traveller, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

But the thing is that we have no plans to be tired on holidays or (even worse) in a paradise like this, right?

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2 Breathing Techniques For A Relaxing Flight Experience

April 11, 2015

Let’s say you don’t have a chance to travel in the first class yet (cause we all know it is very cosy there) and let’s say you travel quite a lot. Let’s say you already got used to the procedures on the airport, got used to be kind when people take loads of time to put their mini suitcase on the top shelf. Let’s say you already watched all the cool movies (and cartoons) they offer, read the inflight magazine and let’s say that today you are not so lucky to catch all four seats in a row (it happened to me once and I slept all the way from Colombo, Sri lanka to Munich, Germany. Thank you, universe). And for today, let’s imagine that behind or infront of you is not a family with three kids full of energy. Just not today, ok?

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