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Surf – Yoga Girl

April 27, 2015

Good Girl Gone Surfing – I. Program

Hello there and welcome to the first week of fitness and yoga challenge for women.

When I was 20, I had this beautiful picture of a surf girl on my vision board. She had long, blond curly hair, wore a pinky bikini, held a surf board in one hand and smiled so honestly, I wanted to become like her. I learned (in years)  that you can never become someone else, but I also learned that there are surf schools out there and I can become my own version of a surf girl. So I became surf-yoga girl. I worked as a yoga teacher for a surf school (in Portugal) and the biggest complaints from ladies that came out of the water were: »God, this is so hard! Why do I have to paddle so much? I feel pain in my back and arms and oh my, my belly and ribs hurt me so much!«

Men never complained, so I didn’t include them here (just joking guys, you are welcome to join)!

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Project: Good Girl Gone Surfing

April 11, 2015

Fitness and Yoga Challenge   

For Whom it is?

Ok – beautiful, tell me honestly, did you ever said you want to try surfing but didn’t know exactly where to start? You heard from your friends how fun it is, you heard from your girls how handsome surfers are and you checked all you tube videos with all these awesome women out there who surf so good… but still had no idea what to do, except buying a ticket (if you come from a country that doesn’t have waves, like me) and join a surf school?

Or, have you already tried surfing and after first few days started noticing pain all over your body, specially in shoulders, arms and back? Were you quickly tired after the warm up and few jump ups on the board – while still on the beach and not even paddling out there to the line up?

Or, are you one of those women who is already completely addicted to surfing but just looking for a fresh routine to keep you fit and ready while waiting for your surf holidays?

If yes, than maybe I can be your fitness buddy and we can train together!

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