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3 Breathing Techniques To Purify Blood

June 15, 2015

Good Girl Gone Surfing – Week VIII

I’m scared of seeing blood. I always fainted when nurses took my blood and I hated those systematic examinations you have in primary school, where they check you up and take your blood. I knew I was going to faint and all my schoolmates would  ask: »What’s wrong with Sandra«? Well, nothing was wrong with me, except that I was a bit of »a chicken«.

However, I do believe that having your blood checked up is great and I also deeply believe that people should breathe more correctly. Cause let’s face it, the deeper and better you breathe, more healthier, cleaner and more detoxified  your blood is going to be.

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Free Spa Treatment

June 2, 2015


Therapist: Ms. Mother Nature

Location: Her Rivers

Duration: As long as you feel

Price: Priceless

Description of the Treatment: Pick a sunny day. Pick a river. Take of your shoes. Walk barefoot in Her streams.

Oh, Mother Nature, I love you so much.



PS: I choosed river Isar in Germany. I walked in it/Her for 15 minutes. All I heard was birds singing, the flow of the river and the trees, dancing in the wind. Little rocks massaged my feet. Nature massaged my heart. Now I feel like I have new feet, new body. How about you? Are you ready to try the best spa treatment in the world, for free? Tell me in the comments, I would love to hear from you.