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Two Islands In THAILAND That Are Out Of This World

May 11, 2016


This post is not about crazy life in Bangkok.

Has nothing to do with the wild night life on Patayya beach.

This post won’t show you the famous James Bond island

neither that famous beach from DiCaprio’s movie.

This post won’t share with you the greatest spicy Thai dishes (only sweet mango sticky rice)

and won’t talk about how Thailand is NOT how it was 20 years ago;

But It will show you my sweet memories from two beautiful islands and two magical resorts.

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3 Easy Steps To Have More Self-Confidence

July 20, 2015

I teach private yoga classes around the world. This classes are always visited by wonderful women.

They come from different countries around the world. They are big CEO-s, world’s best surgeons saving lives every day and business women sucessfully running their own ideas and turning them into big stuff. Besides working and changing lives, they usually have 2-5  smart kids and a pet that needs a walk every morning.

I absolutely admire them. So I was quite dazzled the last day when one of them asked me: “Sandra what should I do to feel more confident?” My advice was to continue with yoga (+ some other one-on-one tips). But cause I know there are many women out there, not feeling enough, though they ARE absolutely freaking enough, here are my three steps to quickly boost self-esteem:

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