Taking Time For Yourself Makes You Attractive

August 12, 2016

Long time ago my daily routine consisted of early morning run, fitness session and aerobic class in the evening. I had low self-esteem, 5kg more and an addictive behaviour regarding exercise (and food).

Now my self-care rituals are a mixure of this: morning prayers, meditation, gentle yoga classes and most important: bubble baths and candle lights. My esteem is high, I feel as sexy as ever and the only addiction I still swear by is called SELF-CARE.

I exchanged TO-DO lists with counting down my desires and swopped running around the stadium for 90’mins Thai massages.

Woman, don’t buy it into the fast tempo and people telling you that you’re missing it out. I know you’re a mother, I know you are a business woman, I understand you volunteer and I get it that you “run the world”.

But please, take time for yourself. The right men around you will always support your goddess time. The right men around you will even turn on the candles for you.

Will you take some time for yourself today? With what will you nourish your beautiful self?

Write in the comments below what is your favourite relaxing ritual.

Much Love,


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