3 Simple Ways To Relax On The Airplane Seat

December 21, 2015

There are 99 things that can frustrate you while you fly and the limited space is just one.

Today we won’t talk about the battles for arm rest or about the crying baby, neither we will discuss the food on the plane or the guy who snores 10 cm away from your right ear. We will ignore the lady that just reclined her chair into your dinner and forget about our swollen feet.

This moment we will discuss 3 little known secrets that diminish the above mentioned annoyances.

Firstly, make your little tiny oasis tidy. Lately, I’m a bit obsessed with cleaning but I feel so much better in a well organised space. I’m sure the same benefit applies thousands of feet in the air. Start by nicely organising in-flight magazines, throw away used papers or plastic cups, put the book (you didn’t even open) back into your bag, nicely fold the blanket, use earplugs and cover your eyes. Continue with the following step…

Secondly, try the Ratio Trick (I’ve learned it from a wonderful teacher Olga Kabel). This breathing technique is my kind of a prayer on airplanes. It goes like this: Inhale count till 6, exhale count till 6 – repeat 4 times. Continue with inhaling for 6 and exhaling for 7 – repeat 4 times. Or to make it look more mathematical:

Inhalation : Retention : Exhalation : Suspension

1. 6:0:6:0 – 4 breaths

2. 6:0:7:0 – 4 breaths

3. 6:0:8:0 – 4 breaths

4. 6:0:8:2 – 4 breaths

5. 6:0:8:4  – 4 breaths

It looks complicated but I promise it’s really simple once you try it and it works magic.

Thirdly, massage your ears. I know it sounds funny but here is the reason: 120 acupressure points are on this little area and all of the internal organs reflect on the ears. Gently squeeze them and massage them between your thumb and index finger.

Try these secrets on your next flight and let me know if they work in the comments below.

PS: Here are another 2 secrets for your in-flight entertainment.



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