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Free Will

October 17, 2016


and then comes a random rainy day

and you realise

that all is simple

that you

and only you

are responsible

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July 14, 2016


Someone once told me that I’ll be most powerful and joyful

when I follow my intuition & listen to the whispers of my heart.

I didn’t understand it then.

Now I do.

It speaks so loud.

And I’m so much more WILLING.

If you wish to receive a guided meditation that will keep you true to yourself & close to your heart – let me know in the comments below.




3 Detox Procedures That Have Nothing To Do With Your Meal Plan

November 23, 2015

What comes into your mind when someone mentions the word DETOX?

I instantly think about food. I see green smoothies, a variety of supplements and the word RESTRICTION all over – which is (for a hedonist like me) not a nice word.

As you already noticed I don’t talk a lot a about food. I don’t post many #food or #foodporn photos or advices about what you should eat and what you shouldn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, what you put into your belly is super important, but I just love to bite into whatever I desire, so I feel no right to be preaching from the top about what you should consume.

Instead of food, let’s talk about another CLEANSING.

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Therapeutic Yoga: Give Space And Shut Up

October 19, 2015

About three weeks ago I got an email from one of the most successful woman in Slovenia. She is my big inspiration. Her name is Savina Atai and she holds the most beautiful vision in her heart. A vision of all women being  happy, healthy, young, beautiful and courageously opened. I love her work and the way she creates with so much passion and enthusiasm. Anyway, this bomb of femininity invited me to help with translations for the workshops she was organising with a famous teacher of therapeutic yoga from U.S.A, Cheri Clampett. I was so scared, because I never officially translated from english to my mother tongue, but I said to myself that I’m done with fear rulling over me. So I bought the ticket and flew home.
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3 Breathing Techniques To Purify Blood

June 15, 2015

Good Girl Gone Surfing – Week VIII

I’m scared of seeing blood. I always fainted when nurses took my blood and I hated those systematic examinations you have in primary school, where they check you up and take your blood. I knew I was going to faint and all my schoolmates would  ask: »What’s wrong with Sandra«? Well, nothing was wrong with me, except that I was a bit of »a chicken«.

However, I do believe that having your blood checked up is great and I also deeply believe that people should breathe more correctly. Cause let’s face it, the deeper and better you breathe, more healthier, cleaner and more detoxified  your blood is going to be.

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Need Some Energy Boost? Try This.

June 8, 2015

Good Girl Gone Surfing – VII. Program

I am coffee lover. I cannot imagine my morning routine without a cup of black liquid while organizing my activities into a daily planner. I know there are many health experts that do not support drinking coffee, but as I have no intention to give up this habit whatsoever soon, let’s just say I am focusing on this positive effects of drinking coffee and this one.

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Want To Change How You Feel? Change Your Focus

June 1, 2015

Good Girl Gone Surfing – VI. Program

I have a thing for people on the stage. People who speak and perform. I am crazy about people who embody a powerful, self-confident body posture. I adore those, who know how to package information and put it out like a hot chocolate cake. This kind of people can sell me anything. This kind of people I admire.

There is a guy out there.

Millions of people know him.

Some people hate him.

I love him.

He is Tony Robbins and my »all time favorite quote« is by him and it goes like this: » What you focus on is what you will feel.« Now, I could write down three pages about how that sentence changed my life, but for today, let me share with you a yoga routine where what you focus on is extremely important.

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Sun Salutations – The Power Of Bowing

May 24, 2015

Good Girl Gone Surfing – V. Program

Two years ago I worked for a very famous hospitality company. Like every other company, they also had their own hallmarks, guiding principles and core standards.  There is one thing that stayed with me until today, even though I don’t work in a hotel chain now.

One of the core principles went like this: »I will always smile and greet our guests before they greet me.«

Isn’t that a nice one? Smiling and greeting people?

I use this core principle in my daily life and though some people look at me weirdly, I know that everytime I smile and greet another person I also smile to myself. Greet myself. Bow to myself.

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