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I Got Tired Of Wearing Petroleum On My Skin

October 3, 2016
Now, I’m usually not into promoting other’s people stuff.
Not that I don’t like other’s people stuff.
But because I feel it brings this bitter taste of hey, you’re doing it for something in return.
I’m not into that. And I’m not into returns.
But I am into
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Taking Time For Yourself Makes You Attractive

August 12, 2016

Long time ago my daily routine consisted of early morning run, fitness session and aerobic class in the evening. I had low self-esteem, 5kg more and an addictive behaviour regarding exercise (and food).

Now my self-care rituals are a mixure of this: morning prayers, meditation, gentle yoga classes and most important: bubble baths and candle lights. My esteem is high, I feel as sexy as ever and the only addiction I still swear by is called SELF-CARE.

I exchanged TO-DO lists with counting down my desires and swopped running around the stadium for 90’mins Thai massages.

Woman, don’t buy it into the fast tempo and people telling you that you’re missing it out. I know you’re a mother, I know you are a business woman, I understand you volunteer and I get it that you “run the world”.

But please, take time for yourself. The right men around you will always support your goddess time. The right men around you will even turn on the candles for you.

Will you take some time for yourself today? With what will you nourish your beautiful self?

Write in the comments below what is your favourite relaxing ritual.

Much Love,



Sauna Yoga

December 7, 2015

I love saunas. I love them so much that in 2010 I made up my own Sauna Yoga Program,  so I could spend hours in the hot rooms and cold plunge pools.

Surprisingly the program went really well for another two years but then my desire to travel sneaked in, so I “surrendered” the program to the wonderful staff there at the wellness centre.

“Wait a minute, yoga in a sauna? What are you doing in there? Does anyone faints? Are you actually naked in there and stretching? Are you crazy?”

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3 Detox Procedures That Have Nothing To Do With Your Meal Plan

November 23, 2015

What comes into your mind when someone mentions the word DETOX?

I instantly think about food. I see green smoothies, a variety of supplements and the word RESTRICTION all over – which is (for a hedonist like me) not a nice word.

As you already noticed I don’t talk a lot a about food. I don’t post many #food or #foodporn photos or advices about what you should eat and what you shouldn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, what you put into your belly is super important, but I just love to bite into whatever I desire, so I feel no right to be preaching from the top about what you should consume.

Instead of food, let’s talk about another CLEANSING.

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3 Easy Steps To Have More Self-Confidence

July 20, 2015

I teach private yoga classes around the world. This classes are always visited by wonderful women.

They come from different countries around the world. They are big CEO-s, world’s best surgeons saving lives every day and business women sucessfully running their own ideas and turning them into big stuff. Besides working and changing lives, they usually have 2-5  smart kids and a pet that needs a walk every morning.

I absolutely admire them. So I was quite dazzled the last day when one of them asked me: “Sandra what should I do to feel more confident?” My advice was to continue with yoga (+ some other one-on-one tips). But cause I know there are many women out there, not feeling enough, though they ARE absolutely freaking enough, here are my three steps to quickly boost self-esteem:

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Tired After A Long Flight? Do This.

June 29, 2015

Do you know the feeling when excitement after arrival to your holiday destination rubs off and  effects of long flight (combined with effects of coming to a different time zone) start kicking in?

If you count yourself as a proud traveller, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

But the thing is that we have no plans to be tired on holidays or (even worse) in a paradise like this, right?

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Free Spa Treatment

June 2, 2015


Therapist: Ms. Mother Nature

Location: Her Rivers

Duration: As long as you feel

Price: Priceless

Description of the Treatment: Pick a sunny day. Pick a river. Take of your shoes. Walk barefoot in Her streams.

Oh, Mother Nature, I love you so much.



PS: I choosed river Isar in Germany. I walked in it/Her for 15 minutes. All I heard was birds singing, the flow of the river and the trees, dancing in the wind. Little rocks massaged my feet. Nature massaged my heart. Now I feel like I have new feet, new body. How about you? Are you ready to try the best spa treatment in the world, for free? Tell me in the comments, I would love to hear from you.


The Number One Secret Of Beautiful Women

April 11, 2015

What if I told you there is a simple way to feel and look like a beauty queen? What if I told you that you have the power to produce your own narcotic that blocks almost any kind of pain? What if I told you that you have an instant access to endorphins (hormones that produce the feeling of pleasure)? What if I told you that you can become irresistable, with just one simple ritual?

Let’s say you believe me, but there is another thing you will need to look like a goddess. You will need courage. Cause the following procedure is simple, but oh boy, you will need courage. Specially If you are a woman that really enjoyes hot showers.

The top secret is called: COLD SHOWER. Yes, you heard me right. COLD. This ritual is well known in yoga and spa world and it is called Ishnaan – cold water massage therapy. You can it described anywhere online but I’m going to keep it very simple for you and describe you my kind of version (that slightly variates from the ones written elswhere) and it’s dedicated to the ladies who love hot showers.

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4 Qualities Of The Best Massage Therapist In The World

April 11, 2015

Let me tell you about my »out of space« experience, while I was on my yoga trip in Bali. This experience was the best massage in the world and it was not because of the environment or candles or massage bed or music.

It was the greatest one because the massage therapist owned his energy and knew exactly how to serve my tired feet. His name was Ryan and I can still remember his polite attitude and his warm palms. I don’t know how old he was, I just know I am proclaiming him as the best therapist in the world and wish he would knew I am writing about him.

Here it is. A list of 4 qualities Ryan has, and I wish every massage therapist would have them too.

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