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April 11, 2015

We were kind of getting addicted

We had the pleasure of sharing the most amazing yoga experience with Sandra on the island of Dhevanafushi, Maldives. Sandra welcomes you in a way that is both friendly and enthusiastic. Even if you are a beginner, she has the gift of teaching yoga with the greatest passion you can imagine. You get the feeling that this is her life and her love and she wants to share it all with you personally. She concentrates on each student individually and makes you achieve your goals every day. After a class, you feel exhausted, but in a perfect way, you feel light and happy, as if you have done something amazing to your body and soul. This was the reason we not only visited her course once, but every day, because it was so much fun, too. We were kind of getting addicted, even the men in our group got to love yoga and the impact it has on your body. Sandra not only teaches you a lot about yoga, but she also has the gift of motivating and encouraging you.

– Koerting Family (Düsseldorf, Germany)


She puts her heart and soul into all her work

My first impression when reading Sandra’s extensive impressive list of qualifications demonstrated to me her clear attitude towards her profession and passion she is a highly skilled and educated individual who’s experience is extremely rare . I am very lucky to have to have many personal classes with Sandra in cardio. yoga. Strength training. Sandra is a true balance of professional technical and practical training with a calming soothing clear minded approach. Sandra empowers and educates and allows you to look at your fitness and your personal goals in a new light giving you all the tools information and education . With Sandras dedication and attentiveness to my classes covering every detail customized to my goals and I,she puts her heart and soul into all her work which I don’t feel is work for her it’s truly a passion . After an intensive training session I would always leave feeling centered,fit, clear minded energized and most of all happy and accomplished which I had never experienced in a training session prior to meeting Sandra. She is a very special person and an extraordinary teacher I have not looked back.

– Monica (Los Angeles, USA).


The complimentary morning yoga classes

Fabulous! The complimentary morning yoga classes, run by Sandra, were one of my wife’s favourite activities. As a yoga novice, she was guided through the classes with great care and she is enjoying continuing classes at home.

– Chrispy (London, United Kingdom)
(op.p: posted on Trip Advisor/Jumeirah Dhevanafushi)


World class yoga instructor

The hotel employes a world class yoga instructor, a real professor in wellness. Private daily classes could be organised just in your villa, which brings yoga and meditation to a completely new level, as well as makes your villa a better and calmer place. I don’t think it would be possible to get to the same level of comfort with the body without this classes. Sandra, I love you and miss you so much! You have contributed so much to my yoga and meditation practice, this knowledge will now live forever with me! Now I am closing the laptop and starting to read the meditation book!

– Alexander (Moscow, Russia)
(op.p: posted on Trip Advisor/Jumeirah Dhevanafushi)


She does it with all her heart

»I simply fell in love with yoga. And it’s Sandra’s fault. She has a way of providing knowledge in such a way, you cannot not absolutely love it. Moreover, she does it will all her hearth. For me yoga is now an everyday practice and I cannot imagine not catching up with Sandra every now and then, to create wonderful new practices, which are exactly made for me and meet my every wish. And don’t be mistaken, beneath a young and beautiful face that Sandra carries, there is a wise knowledge and so much energy to share. Thank you Sandra for being you!«

– Nina (Polzela, Slovenia)