I Got Tired Of Wearing Petroleum On My Skin

October 3, 2016
Now, I’m usually not into promoting other’s people stuff.
Not that I don’t like other’s people stuff.
But because I feel it brings this bitter taste of hey, you’re doing it for something in return.
I’m not into that. And I’m not into returns.
But I am into
And there’s one brand out there that finally trigerred my demanding taste for luxe and simplicity.
Why? Cause their things are made out of NOURISHING materials.
Wow girl, what that means?
Well let’s just say I got tired of wearing TOXINS on my SKIN.
Like food, also fabrics contain toxins (like polyester or nylon or acrylic).
So yeah, less toxins, more happiness.
These guys (and girls) are killing it with milk protein, seaweed cellulose, organic fleece and organic cotton, eucalyptus fibre not to mention Belize cotton and cashmere.
Yeah, I know this things sound so FANCY.
But these days everyone is about gluten-free and lactoze-free and badfood-free and nobody talks about things you put on your skin – and wear it almost the whole day.
So since I am not allowed to walk around naked all the time I decided to wear nourishing things on me while I sweat in a fitness studio, walk in the nature or do yoga at Six Senses.
If anyone is sensitive about what TOUCHES their skin, I recommend you check THIS.
Physically you can find them ONLY at worlds top and most luxurious hotels and resorts.
Energetically, you can get the taste of them in their online shop.
P.S. This is NOT a promotional article. This is just me writing about things that I love.
Soft, non-toxic kisses & until we are all naked again, 😉

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